2016 Upcoming Events

Hey all,

In exciting news, we have a website now. If you want to set up an account with WordPress, you should be able to get on and comment, post, etc.

We’re going to start posting events, photos and information on here, as well as on Facebook.

Just an FYI, there was some additional talk about planning trips, and the tentative schedule of events for 2016 is as follows, with exact dates and details TBD:

April 2016 – Run to Meers, OK for lunch, drive in the Wichita Mountains

June 2016 – Prince of Darkness Run

July 2016 – Drive in Movie Night at Nathan’s House

September 2016 – Brits in the Ozarks

October 2016 – Tentative date for Morrelli Car Show

October/November 2016 – Fall Tour – Drive to Washita Mountains and stay overnight.

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