2017 Hagerty Silver Summit

Hey all,

Just back from a very snowy 2017 Silver Summit. Dave Hord with Classic Car Adventures does a better job of doing the play by play, so I’ll leave that to him.

Summary of Day 1

Summary of Day 2

Summary of Day 3

However, for our part, we had some casualties. Tim’s TR6 ended up with an overdrive problem and couldn’t finish, plus his trailer got hit in the hotel parking lot. John Gauldin’s tow vehicle needs a new engine. Downes’ Datsun had some timing/starting/temperature issues, but got going and finished. Nathan’s E-Type had no charging system, a coolant tank leak, and hemorrhaged oil, but did finish. My Sprite was mostly unscathed, but the headlight switch did try to catch fire. Michael’s  Dolomite ran like a champ.

Based on all of that, the OBCBC group’s mantras for the weekend:

“Drive it til it breaks.”

“Screw the environment.”

“It’ll probably be OK.”

Here is the first batch of photos, courtesy of Andrew Snucins, the official photographer for the event. More to come!


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