2017 Fall Tour – Day 2

So, the second day was a nice drive from Mena, AR to Hot Springs. After a bit of a misty morning, the weather cleared and it was a wonderful drive.

Again, as is our custom our meet at 8:30 and leave at 9:00 am was honored only by the Clark’s, and the rest of us straggled up late. The Clark duo joined us from Arkansas, and don’t travel with us a lot. We’ll get them turned around on showing up on time for things.

Hot Springs was a lot of fun. We ate lunch at Rolando’s on the patio, which is about as close to nature as you can get in a restaurant, and sits next to a cliff a few hundred feet high.

We toured the Arlington Hotel, and checked out the hot springs. After wandering around Hot Springs a while (and trying unsuccessfully to keep Michael from climbing on every available rock) we wound up at the Superior Bathouse Brewery, which is located in an old bath house, and which brews beer from the hot spring water.

We drove around Hot Springs National Park, and ended up checking out several of the vistas in the park. Drive was good, views were great, Michael got to climb on some more rocks.

We encountered a bit a local oddity, specifically a gentleman who asked Dean if he had found “the wild thing” living out in the bushes. It was more than a little creepy.

We headed back to Mena, enjoyed a nice dinner, and some more fun and more beer.

For everyone’s information, do NOT play pranks on Jim Clark. The man is equal parts hilarious and cold-blooded when comes to returning the favor.


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