2017 Fall Tour – Day 3

Day 3 means time to go home. We still had plenty of adventure in store.

First, the Wild Thing from Hot Springs must have followed us. It attacked Michael’s car late at night with sticks and leaves.


So, we packed up and headed to get gas before we left town. Unfortunately, Dean’s floats got gummed up and he was hemorrhaging gas, which is not really what we’re after. A little collective wrenching later, and we were on our way.


The drive from Mena to the Queen Wilhelmina Lodge was beyond foggy. We did most of the drive at about 30 MPH. Dean’s video gives you a sense of what it was like.

This video doesn’t exist

We got to the Lodge, and we couldn’t really see the view. Sad, but so it goes.  When we went into the Lodge to get a warm drink, we couldn’t even see our cars.


Finally, the fog lifted, and we had a nice drive down the mountain into Oklahoma.

This was some of the strangest weather I’ve seen in a day. We went from cold mist in Mena, to fog, to blue skies, to 90 degrees in McAlester, to about 45 in Oklahoma City. Nathan and I decided to cool off a bit when we stopped in McAlester.

All in all, a successful trip. No one needed a tow truck, everyone made it, nobody died.

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