2017 Fall Tour – Day 1

There will be more photos to come, but wanted to get these posted.

So, we started the day with breakfast at Junction Coffee. As is our custom, after some of us got distracted by shinny objects, our 9:00 AM start time turned into a 9:30 start, and after getting gas, we got on the road at 10.


After driving in the mist all morning, we ate lunch at Pete’s Place in Krebs, OK.

We got to Arkansas in the afternoon, to discover that the entire Northwestern part of Arkansas is totally infested by what we thought were lady bugs, but are apparently some kind of invasive asian wood boring beetle. Our windshields looked like murder.


Michael, our resident hipster took some very sensitive and artsy photos of some rocks.


We finally arrived at our accommodations, the Stonehill Cottages, to discover that Michael’s trunk wouldn’t open, and Dean’s starter wouldn’t start. Dean had to push start the rest of the weekend, and Michael had to hit Walmart to get some clothes. He figured it was cheaper than smashing his lock.

After a lovely steak dinner, we all proceeded to drink beer and stay up too late. All in all, it was a pretty typical OBCBC kind of a day.



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