2019 Silver Summit – Day 3

Day three started with a rather chilly climb up over Loveland pass, then a long drive through a river canyon covered in fog. All went well except that our friends in the red Datsun managed to leak out nearly all of their brake fluid, which I’m told is important for some reason.

We ended the trip with lunch at the Hagerty offices in Golden and then got on the road to try to make Raton, NM by dark.

2019 Silver Summit Roadtrip

We left from OKC to head to Colorado Springs for the 2019 Classic Car Adventures Hagerty Silver Summit. The Datsun (yet again) decided to break down just shy of Geary Oklahoma with a timing chain pensioner issue. We managed to fix it road side and landed in Dodge City for the night.

The next day we made it to Colorado Springs and then had a nice day off to get ready for the main event, and also to drink some beer and otherwise get into trouble.

2019 Spring Tour – Day 2

Day 2 of the Spring Tour started with a beautiful dawn, and a flat tire.

The rest of the group drove out through Beavers Bend State Park while the TR6 made a quick run for repairs.

Then we took off along the Indian Highway near Honobia, OK. Honobia is the self-styled Bigfoot Capital of the Wor;ld, so there’s that. The pavement is a bit rough in places, but otherwise the Indian Highway is one of the hands down best drives in Oklahoma. It’s a lot curvier than it appears from the photos – I just couldn’t take any photos on the curves because I needed both hands on the wheel. The treeline comes almost up to the road and then breaks away for some truly great view.

Of course, then we had to have some more car troubles. The Mini was leaking more than a little gas from the float bowls, so a brief stop to tinker with that and we were back on the road.

We managed to make it to lunch in Antlers before the deluge began.

Sadly, we had to cut the driving short, but naps followed by beer and dinner was not a bad substitute.