2019 Silver Summit – Headed Home

One might think that after driving to Colorado, doing 900 miles on the curvy roads, and driving the interstate for a couple hours that all the car issues would have been shaken out. You would be mistaken. The MGB ate a wheel bearing and required a tow near Clayton, NM. On the plus side, we ate a wonderful lunch at the Hotel Eklund and got a tour from one of the owners.

The stop wouldn’t have been a huge deal except it meant we landed in Oklahoma as some pretty horrendous weather rolled in. We just managed to limp home at night in blinding rain, flooding roads, high winds and thunderstorms. Probably not our brightest decision, but everyone made it, and nobody died.

2019 Silver Summit – Day 3

Day three started with a rather chilly climb up over Loveland pass, then a long drive through a river canyon covered in fog. All went well except that our friends in the red Datsun managed to leak out nearly all of their brake fluid, which I’m told is important for some reason.

We ended the trip with lunch at the Hagerty offices in Golden and then got on the road to try to make Raton, NM by dark.