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Travel Planning Links

Here are some of the sites that have helped me plan trips and find routes over the years, and helped me put this collection together. – Includes trails and scenic drives. A lot of the information is hidden behind a paywall. However, most of that information (at least in Oklahoma and Arkasas) is available in Don Kurz’s book Scenic Driving the Ozarks. It’s out of print, but easy to find. – Official travel site of the Oklahoma Department of Tourism.

America’s Byways – Official US Department of Transportation site for scenic drives and byways. – Has all manner of articles on scenic drives, road trips, trivia, and roadside attractions. – Covers tourism in the south-central part of Oklahoma. – Covers tourism in the southeast corner of Oklahoma. – Tourism for northwest Oklahoma and panhandle. – Tourism site for northeast Oklahoma, including Tulsa. – Tourism site for central Oklahoma, including Oklahoma City. – Tourism for southwest Oklahoma. – Touring is not really the point of this site, but they do have some good articles on scenic drives. – Articles about odd and unusual attractions. – Articles about odd and unusual roadside attractions.