Technical Library

Have an out of print manual, technical article or something else useful? Send it to me, and we’ll post it here. Please don’t send me anything that is going to get the copyright police up in arms. You can click on the list of links or on the cover.

  1. Sprite/Midget Maintenance & Repair Manual by Floyd Clymer
  2. Original Sprite/Midget Mk III Driver’s Handbook
  3. Special Tuning for Sprite & Midget – 948cc Engine
  4. BMC Special Tuning Dept. – Midget/Sprite Special Tuning Manual 948 and 1098 Engines
  5. Special Tuning for Sprite and Midget – 1275 cc Engine
  6. Sprite & Midget Special Tuning Parts
  7. MGB Workshop Manual
  8. Post-1996 Rover Mini Workshop Manual
  9. British Leyland Workshop Manual for Morris Minor MM, Series II and 1000
  10. Tuning SU Carburetors
  11. Austin Healey Sprite – BMC Driver’s Manual & Shop Manual
  12. Tuning BMC Sports Cars
  13. Mini 1959-1969 Workshop Manual
  14. Triumph TR6 Repair Manual
  15. Lucas Generator and Control Box Tests
  16. Workshop Manual for Series MGA 1500, 1600 and 1600 Mk II
  17. MGA 1500 Driver’s Handbook – 1st Edition
  18. MGA 1500 Driver’s Handbook – 2nd Edition
  19. MGA 1500 Driver’s Handbook – 8th Edition
  20. MGA 1600 Driver’s Handbook
  21. MGA 1600 Mk II Driver’s Handbook
  22. Workshop Manual for MGA Twin Cam
  23. MGA Twin Cam Driver’s Manual
  24. Austin Healey Sprite Service Parts List AKD829II (December 1958)
  25. Austin Healey Sprite Service Parts List AKD829III (June 1960)
  26. Austin Healey Sprite Mk 3 & 4/MG Midget Mk. 2 & 3 Parts Catalogue AKM0036
  27. BMC Mechanical & Service Parts for Austin & Morris Mini, Riley Elf, Wolseley Hornet AKD5104
  28. BMC Body Service Parts for Austin & Morris Mini, Riley Elf, Wolseley Hornet AKD5106
  29. British Leyland MG Midget 1500 (September 1974 on) Parts Catalogue AKM1153FL
  30. BMC Standard Fasteners Guide
  31. Morris Minor Series MM, Series II, and 1000 Workshop Manual AKD 530
  32. Mini Saloon, Countryman, and Traveler 1971 Workshop Manual AKD 4935


BMC1Mini 1






948 Special Tuning.png

ST Parts.png



MGA Twin Cam










AKD829IIAKM0036AKD5106AKD5104AKD530AKD 4935BMC FastenersAKM1153FLAKD829III

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