2017 Fall Tour – Day 3

Day 3 means time to go home. We still had plenty of adventure in store.

First, the Wild Thing from Hot Springs must have followed us. It attacked Michael’s car late at night with sticks and leaves.


So, we packed up and headed to get gas before we left town. Unfortunately, Dean’s floats got gummed up and he was hemorrhaging gas, which is not really what we’re after. A little collective wrenching later, and we were on our way.


The drive from Mena to the Queen Wilhelmina Lodge was beyond foggy. We did most of the drive at about 30 MPH. Dean’s video gives you a sense of what it was like.

We got to the Lodge, and we couldn’t really see the view. Sad, but so it goes.  When we went into the Lodge to get a warm drink, we couldn’t even see our cars.


Finally, the fog lifted, and we had a nice drive down the mountain into Oklahoma.

This was some of the strangest weather I’ve seen in a day. We went from cold mist in Mena, to fog, to blue skies, to 90 degrees in McAlester, to about 45 in Oklahoma City. Nathan and I decided to cool off a bit when we stopped in McAlester.

All in all, a successful trip. No one needed a tow truck, everyone made it, nobody died.

2017 Fall Tour – Day 2

So, the second day was a nice drive from Mena, AR to Hot Springs. After a bit of a misty morning, the weather cleared and it was a wonderful drive.

Again, as is our custom our meet at 8:30 and leave at 9:00 am was honored only by the Clark’s, and the rest of us straggled up late. The Clark duo joined us from Arkansas, and don’t travel with us a lot. We’ll get them turned around on showing up on time for things.

Hot Springs was a lot of fun. We ate lunch at Rolando’s on the patio, which is about as close to nature as you can get in a restaurant, and sits next to a cliff a few hundred feet high.

We toured the Arlington Hotel, and checked out the hot springs. After wandering around Hot Springs a while (and trying unsuccessfully to keep Michael from climbing on every available rock) we wound up at the Superior Bathouse Brewery, which is located in an old bath house, and which brews beer from the hot spring water.

We drove around Hot Springs National Park, and ended up checking out several of the vistas in the park. Drive was good, views were great, Michael got to climb on some more rocks.

We encountered a bit a local oddity, specifically a gentleman who asked Dean if he had found “the wild thing” living out in the bushes. It was more than a little creepy.

We headed back to Mena, enjoyed a nice dinner, and some more fun and more beer.

For everyone’s information, do NOT play pranks on Jim Clark. The man is equal parts hilarious and cold-blooded when comes to returning the favor.


2017 Fall Tour – Day 1

There will be more photos to come, but wanted to get these posted.

So, we started the day with breakfast at Junction Coffee. As is our custom, after some of us got distracted by shinny objects, our 9:00 AM start time turned into a 9:30 start, and after getting gas, we got on the road at 10.


After driving in the mist all morning, we ate lunch at Pete’s Place in Krebs, OK.

We got to Arkansas in the afternoon, to discover that the entire Northwestern part of Arkansas is totally infested by what we thought were lady bugs, but are apparently some kind of invasive asian wood boring beetle. Our windshields looked like murder.


Michael, our resident hipster took some very sensitive and artsy photos of some rocks.


We finally arrived at our accommodations, the Stonehill Cottages, to discover that Michael’s trunk wouldn’t open, and Dean’s starter wouldn’t start. Dean had to push start the rest of the weekend, and Michael had to hit Walmart to get some clothes. He figured it was cheaper than smashing his lock.

After a lovely steak dinner, we all proceeded to drink beer and stay up too late. All in all, it was a pretty typical OBCBC kind of a day.



2017 Fall Tour Details


Hey all,

I am working hard to finalize the details for the Fall Tour. Just wanted to roll out some of the details so people know what’s up. If you have questions, need information or want to let me know you plans, email me at britishcarbreakfastclub@gmail.com.

Please let me know (1) if you’re coming; (2) how many people are with you; (3) how many cars you’ll have; (4) what your plans for accommodations are. I really need to have firm numbers by October 30 so I can finalize reservations and print decals.

So, the Oklahoma crowd will meet at Kamp’s 1910 on Friday, November 3rd at 8:30 AM. We’ll leave about 9:00 AM for the drive to Mena, and will stop at Pete’s Place in Krebs just like we did last year. Hope to make it to Mena by 5:00 or so.

The Oklahoma folks (and as many of our Arkansas friends as are interested) will be staying at the Stone Hill Cottages, 140 Mossy Oak Ln, Mena, AR 71953. I am told by the owner that GPS does not always route there correctly (and it doesn’t help if you type Oak Lane instead of Mossy Oak Lane as two of our members discovered last year). Google Map will find it if you route to its location here.

If you want to stay at Stone Hill Cottages you need to let me know ASAP! I have three cabins, each with (A) king bed & en suite bathroom; (B) king bed & shared bathroom; (C) sleeper sofa. Cabins are $199/night, and split 3 ways (obviously, A will run a bit more than C) it should be pretty economical. There’s also an inflatable mattress. I’m not going to inflict that on anyone, but might be good if you have kids that are coming along. The sooner you let me know, the more likely that you can get the room and roommates you want.

Dinner on Friday night will be at the Chopping Block Steak House (same place as last year) starting at 7:00 PM. Following that, we’ll have a sort of BYOB hospitality suite at one of the cottages.

Plan for the drive is to meet up at 8:30 AM or so and leave at 9 AM on Saturday, November 4, 2017.

The route will take us on the Caddo Gap Scenic Drive and Crystal Trail Scenic Drive to and from Hot Springs. Unless you wander off the route, it’s all paved roads this year. I expect some people will want to check out Hot Springs, while others are more inclined to drive the curvy roads. I added a loop on the Talimena Drive at the end of the day, that can be cut off. People who want to tour Hot Springs can stay a bit longer, and still make it back for dinner.

We’ll do dinner Saturday night at Branding Iron BBQ (literally the only other restaurant with a liquor license in the entire town of Mena) at 7:00 PM.

Sunday, we’ll pack up and head home.